Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The Secret Decoded

Observation and Association are two major forces that could totally transform the way you are engineered to see the world. Out of the numerous such links i try to draw about the world around me, here's something interesting i wanted to share.

Like the Secret, by Rhonda Byrne says, "When you incline yourself keenly towards what you wish in life and keep visualizing it often, the entire universe will come together to bring it to you". I am sure you were as inspired by this as i was. Seemed believable and for many, it was practically tested and proved too. 

We know business entities try to cash on every little thing that catches their attention since profit generation is their oxygen. Well, they would use this highly imaginative concept too, who had seen this coming? Or may be that's what i see it as!

You visit an online store today, Facebook is suggesting you similar ones the next day, you buy something in Jabong today and Gmail keeps routing similar sites to you while Google asks you to buy more! Even YouTube keeps suggesting more videos matching your previous choice . Does this ring a bell? Isn't this a sure shot implementation of the "Law of Attraction". You visit a site today and immediately all the social networking platforms are on their way routing similar sites to you. 

We totally understand that these platforms try to analyse our activities to provide us a customized service in the process of creating a feeling of "life-at-your-footsteps" But here comes the question! Does my buying a pendrive today from Flipkart indicate that  i'll buy more each day until i buy so many of them that i land up opening my own store? Certainly not! So, probably Google or Facebook should try and show me other electronic gadget offerings rather than bombarding me with pendrive ads from similar sites from the time i buy a pendrive. 

In this field, Law of attraction may hold good at times but definitely not always. Though it may not seem like a lot of disturbance, improving this aspect could help social networking sites improve their service. 

P.S: This is a purely original observation of mine and not a fact that this service has been inspired by the Law of Attraction.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Did you know about OnlinePrasad.com?

Life has become so hectic for some of us that we barely find any time to eat, drink or even sleep, leave alone spending time with family and friends.  How we wish the clock could stop for a while! Yeah, i agree that our life has become mechanical to an extent. But this website left me totally jaw dropped!

"Exercise for body and prayer for  soul", said a great man! Perhaps considering our digital lives, he should have quoted it as "Exercise for body and Internet for soul" We have switched our everyday online. Haven't we? We are hungry, we order food online, we are bored, we chat with friends online, we want to go out, we book a cab online, we want to read, we just download an e-book. Observing this shift of ours, people have started creating websites that make us even  more detached from the real world and  hook us to this virtual world. One such effort is OnlinePrasad.com

Online and Prasad are two highly divergent words, when put together hit you hard the first time you hear, however their concept is pretty interesting. We are apparently too busy to  spare any time for god, so they have converted are prayers into a service they could offer. Pretty confusing huh? Let me make it simple! 

You have a special occasion to pray or rather visit god. Since you obviously can't go all the distance, Online Prasad guys collect a minimum fare from you. They pray for you, present offerings to god on your behalf and then post your prasad home! So, it's basically the "Upload-money-and-download-blessings" concept.

As much as i appreciate the innovative ideas people come up with to make our lives easier each day, i pity how mechanical we have become that we have shifted our faith and belief online too. If we live online, we might as well find god online huh?

Do visit their site here: http://onlineprasad.com/

P.S: This is no marketing strategy. Just an info share. No offence intended. It was just a funny to look at it. Hope it's taken in the right spirit. 

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Pink Cupcakes Hyderabad #My favorite startup no.7

What 's a party without a cake? Be it small or big, cakes are always a delight. They complete the celebration, don't they? and obviously everyone loves cake! It's your birthday and you get a freshly baked cake. Does it make you happy? Oh yes it does. If it's your favorite flavor? OMG a perfect match! and what if the cake was solely customized for you? not just in terms of flavor and shape, but in terms of every tiny detail? say  based on your personality?

No, i am not going to bake that cake for you. I am just going to tell you the story of my favorite startup no. 7 and it is called Pink Cupcakes, Hyderabad!

The story goes that Reema, the founder of Pink cupcakes, was a professional working for a Fortune 500 company. She loved cooking and inherited her skills from her loving mother who always created wonders in the kitchen. Apart from her love for it, cooking was Reema's way of venting out the work stress. And then one day she realized, she could turn this into a full time job since she loved it so much. Then came her Eureka moment and BAM!! Pink Cupcakes took life!  

In 2012, she swapped her corporate career with the Baking business that was so dear to her. Her passion is clearly seen in her cakes. They are all so well designed and obviously well baked. A cake for the shopaholic in you, or a cake for the cartoon lover in you, no matter what theme, they bake some attractively delicious cakes for everybody's distinct needs.

If they are this yum to look at, how awesome would they actually taste?  
Visit their website here and take a sneak peek at their yummy designs :) They are adorable!  http://bakingwithpink.in/
P.S: Like i always say this is just an info share and not a marketing strategy. 
Hope you like it :)

Image and Info courtesy: Internet
Untill my next post on my favorite startup no. 8