Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Apparel Shopping 3.0

I have noticed three major trends in Apparel shopping so far. One, being the rudimentary physical shopping, where we wade through stores finding our best fits. The second phase, Apparel Shopping 2.0 as i call it is the Virtual Shopping, browsing the Internet, visiting online stores and making an online purchase! This phase triggered the convenience stimulus in us.
Well, all this apart, now i see our Shopping experience being taken to a whole new level, the Apparel Shopping 3.0 Here's mentioning two wonderful concepts i have come across recently
1. Kiosked - I am sure all of us have had our "oh i like the blue shorts in that ad" or other similar moments. While dresses worn by our favorite actors & actresses from blockbuster movies are turned into special collections in stores, our tastes are not often restricted to those popular choices right? Let me help you picture a scenario here. You are browsing a news website and you suddenly like the tee shirt a sports person is wearing. What do you do? Well, nothing but try and find something similar and almost always find yourself unsuccessful. But Kiosked helps brands this way. If the sportsman was wearing a shirt of brand X and if the brand has partnered with Kiosked, then you can go ahead and buy it by directly clicking on the shirt by getting redirected to the site where you could buy it! So, Kiosked turns anything into a store! What else? Advertising is now a Service!
Kiosked lets you buy anything anywhere (only for brands that choose to advertise with them though) If only every brand partenerd with them, you can literally buy anything you like anywhere on the Internet! Can you believe that? How interesting right?
2. Fitle - No matter how much we talk about online shopping, not many of us are still very comfortable buying apparel online, owing to the hassles involved in finding the right size. Also, we are often skeptical about how a piece of clothing would look on us. Fitle (a mobile app) nails this one by letting us try out those dresses virtually, oh yeah on your 3D virtual avatar. All you need to do is register your height and provide them a couple of your pictures (in different angles) Their exclusive 3D technology creates an avatar of you and you are good to go ahead and try your favorite outfits (their technology claims to have a 99% accuracy on all your measurements) Here's the cherry on the cake. Fitle saves all your past purchases and creates a personal wardrobe for you. So, you can always pull out your previously purchased top and try out new pairs of jeans to see which one gels well with it!
Does this seem like next phase of apparel shopping to you? It sure does to me! Please share any other interesting examples you may have.
Note : All relevant images have been borrowed from the Internet, i do not own any of them