Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Beard Design #my favorite startup no. 3

When people ask me what my favorite advertisement is, i often quote "Nokia Lumia 800: The Amazing Everyday" because i think it's jaw dropping how they show the most routine activities in the most creative of ways! Enough to make everyday so fresh and new! (for those who missed it, here's the ad :

Well my point is, we barely like routine do we? Well if you do, then this post is definitely not for you! If "Perspective", "out of the box", "divergent thinking" and "creativity" are some of your pet words then, welcome aboard because today i am about to talk about a very unique and interesting startup.

This is my favorite startup no. 3 and it is called "Beard Design"

Beard Design is certainly one of those startups who swear by the "anti-routine" rules. They are into Branding, Design, Package designing, etc. They are specialized in Designing and that's necessarily their oxygen. They leave their creative footprint in every task they take up! For instance when they were asked to come up with some innovative designing  for a startup called Vserv, so that their office would look cool and this is what they came up with!

Wow right? Who would think Monday is boring anymore? Any day and Everyday would be so excitingly refreshing in such a work environment. If this thrilled you, hold on because, they were later asked to come up with a brand identity for another startup named Tea Trunk, that procures and sells gourmet tea and this is what they came up with
Impressive? Elegant? Well, i guess when you actually take a look at the work they have done so far, you would just go speechless. Now coming to the part, where we uncover the story, Beard Design is a startup based in Goa. (now you see where the inspiration comes from huh? ) It was started by Abhishek Sarda, who ventured into different jobs before he narrowed down to his passion. He previously worked for PPT Saloon, he even sold handmade soaps at a flea market before that. Every startup has a mantra: Now what's theirs? They offer their services  exclusively to startups. You would ask why and the answer goes like this.. Like i said, they hate rules that take you nowhere and they are routine averse. So they stick to startups that are as open minded and risk loving as they are. So true because people like people like them and that helps them work better with each other! 

If you take a glimpse at their website, you cannot help but notice their distinctiveness, not to mention their attention to detail,  which is a blend of both professionalism and playfulness (in the positive sense) 

I am no designer, yet i love this startup for their fresh designs that leave me awe struck everytime i see them! If making mere normal things look highly different is considered magic, trust me these guys have a bunch of magic wands in there.

You can check out their website here: I am sure you'll love it :)

P.S: Like i always say, this is only sharing and no marketing move! Hope you liked it !

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Untill my next post on my favorite startup no. 4...


  1. lovely workplaces in the above photographs..i would have stayed 24 * 7 in the office if that was my office.:D.their website is really cool.nice article about an awesome start up..BRILLIANT HARIKA.:)