Friday, 3 May 2013

CHUMBAK! #My favorite startup no. 1

If you were ever asked to show how much you loved India, what would you do? Sing the National Anthem? Wear a sari/dhoti? Join the army? Well here's a couple who took the fun filled road to showcase India in its truest form to the world!

This is the story of my favorite startup and it's called "Chumbak

Vivek Prabhakar and Shubhra Chadda are a travel loving couple! Every time they traveled to a new place, they brought back with them a souvenir as a memory of that place! However, they were saddened by the fact that there was nothing much for people to take back from India, despite our rich culture (except for the little Taj Mahals) 

After putting a lot of thought into it, they decided to act upon this need and then came their "Eureka moment" They decided to represent various aspects of India in the form of colorful fridge magnets and that is precisely how Chumbak was born. Chumbak (in hindi meaning a magnet) was started by the duo in 2010. It started off making pretty looking magnets and has spread out its wings gradually into other items. Off late they have come up with over 400 products spread over different categories such as mugs, laptop sleeves, purses, tee shirts, etc. 

Within one month of their inception, they went online! Though they sincerely believe that 85-90% of sales are driven offline, they had seen their online business spring to life pretty soon! Currently their products are available in around 250 outlets across India. Apart from that, they have started operating in Japan and thus far, they are visible in almost 80 stores across Japan, which indeed is a huge achievement! People across the globe have completely fallen in love with Chumbak!

Much said about their business,  it is one of the most interesting startups i have ever come across. I am a huge fan of Chumbak myself! They have a very reliable transaction process combined with timely delivery! Personally i love bright hues and innovative products and every time i order myself a Chumbak  goodie, i am left amazed by  their brilliant design and idea! Not to forget their jaw dropping themes such as, creating a magnet representing each city, things that indians speak, etc. 

A Birthday, Anniversary, be it any occasion, a Chumbak goodie is sure to being a smile. Their online marketing is pretty impressive as well, the way they constantly engage with their fans in Facebook and other social networking sites through contests, quick responses, etc. 

Love the way this startup is successfully changing the way many people see India, be it in or outside the country. Kudos to the initiative!

P.S: This is no Marketing strategy! It is fully and completely my view on Chumbak and i am indeed proud to share the story of my favorite startup! Do not forget to check out their website! I am sure you will love it too :) 

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Cya...Until my next post on my second favorite startup :)


  1. Hi Harika
    Thank you for raising awareness about this brand
    . It was an education foe me. By any chance do you know the founders ? I would like to speak to them as well.


    That's Vivek Prabhakar, the CEO's FB profile.

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