Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Gas Relief.com # my favorite startup no. 2

Innovative things to do, interesting places to go,  important people to meet and a sudden intestinal gas attack! Not a cool combination. Is it? Definitely not when it's a smelly issue. Time and again we incur this situation and are left helpless. That's exactly when we dial our grannies  and beg for help! Why? because they are reliable and they often suggest remedies that are both effective and devoid of side affects.

However, as our life just got drastically digital, granny's advice has now been replaced by Google. Again, you may not always land up with the right solution here. What a pain huh!?  Did you ever think how it would  be if we had an online platform that gave us the right advice at the right time just like our good old grannies!? 

With that question lingering in your mind, let me tell you about my favorite startup no. 2,  Gasrelief.com.

It is the world's first ever non medical site fully focusing on gas and other stomach related issues providing simple yet effective solutions. This company was started by Mr. Vijit Jain, an engineer. Story goes that he once went on a long trip abroad and as changing food patterns left him with gas problems that were recurring and embarrassing  he decided to find a long lasting solution to it. Lots of research and he finally zeroed in on a reliable solution. It was working but it needed to get better! Once it did, it was time for him to spread the word and help others as well. That's when he started Gasrelief.com!

It is not magic beyond understanding! Their solutions are based on simple logic, they say. They work at level 0 trying to nullify the most rudimentary error that had caused the issue in the first place. What better can you get than a happy equilibrium state? Well, that is precisely what gasrelief.com has to offer. Hold on, it gets even better when you get all this without burning a hole in your pockets! True since, gasrelief offers these wonderful services at very affordable prices. 

Though i haven't experienced their services yet (fortunate because i am not affected by such an issue or rather unfortunate that i am unable to pen down my experience with them here) i love their very idea of solving people's problems in such a creative way! Also, i like their little mascot "The Tummy!" 

So, if you are vulnerable to this problem go ahead, here's your solution. If not, don't shy away from visiting their site!! I am sure you will appreciate the idea too :) 

Website: https://www.gasrelief.com/

P.S: Just to remind you! This is no marketing strategy! It's my way of sharing info about my favorite startups. Happy Reading :)

Source: gasrelief.com website and blog.
Until my next post on my third favorite startup.....


  1. thanxxxxx a lot Harika, thats really helpful for me.... Try and post the article where people have a community page where they share the same problem but dnt have solution to them.. !!! This will give them an aid.. :)