Friday, 20 June 2014

Geethanjali - a Tribute to Indian Culture

Indian Culture is highly regarded throughout the World, but how much pride do we  "Indians"take in it is the big question. Every art form, every musical note and every Ayurvedic medicine of the good old times had the power to naturally touch and improve our lives. But our cravings and interests have clearly been blowing in another direction, where most see Western culture as superior and "cool" Well i don't blame you, because honestly i opine that Indian Culture and its might has been advertised widely to foreigners more than to us

Geethanjali was one Youtube channel that surprised me with so much Indian content aggregated at one place. If you are enthusiastic to learn Bharathnatyam, Kathak , Carnatic Music, Hindustani Music or Yoga, or so much more, all you have to do is login to their Youtube Channel and start practicing like an Ekalavya! Not just that, you can read your kid or to yourself stories of Indian Mythology, Jathaka Tales and so many more animated stories. 

Their Youtube Channel further has several other sub channels that route you to different genres. Each such channel has an amazing collection of teach-yourself and entertainment videos. No more waiting for a TV show and no more browsing through scores of videos before you land up at your favorites, Geethanjali is a one stop destination.

Their Website hosts a unique collection of Audio and Video DVDs which are very affordable. Soothing music for Yoga, Dance forms or even Meditation is available. Geethanjali is also a private music record label under the banner of Super Music based in Chennai. They house some of the biggest music artists in the industry such as  Dr. Balamurali krishna, Maharajapuram Santhanam, M. L. Vasanthakumari, Sudha Raghunathan, Kadri Gopalnath, E.Gaayathri, Kunnakudi Vaidyanathan, M. S. Gopalakrishanan, Dr. Sheik Chinna Moulana, N. Ramani, Mandolin Srinivas and many more.

For all those who love Indian culture or Indian music in particular, this site will be a niche favorite. Do visit their Youtube Channel and check out their wonderful collection of videos.

You can visit their Youtube Channel here:

P.S: All the images have been extracted from their Website & Youtube Channel.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

An Open letter to Product/Service Review Websites

Dear Product/Service Review Websites,

From times when I only trusted my close peers to the time when I am almost taking the word of any stranger who has tried a product/service atleast once,  reviews have gained a lot of prominence in my decision making, I must confess. I honestly love the concept of reviews you know! They give me a sneak peak into what I am up for, that too so effortlessly. I have had days when I decided to buy or to not buy a product/service by just reading these reviews from strangers. Now you are convinced that your reviews work right? Good! But not so good! You know why? because out of all the times i have read your reviews, for once i decided i should write one too! Just doing my part you see! However, it's really funny how you dear Websites make my job so hard, especially when my writing the review is more beneficial to you as a Review curating website than me. 

So, i want to post a review and i open your website. As I click on the " Post a Review" button, you want me to register. Eh! no, i just wanted to write a review and not build a long term relationship with you where you constantly keep pushing mails at me until one fine day i get tired and break up with you by presenting you the "SPAM" award. Ok fine I will register, may be your attempting to get a real review and not a fake one. Ok i got you, here you go i fill your login form and get my account created! Ya i also took the extra effort to verify my details by logging into my id! Cool let's have some peace now. I will write a "real" review and feel happy! Oh! So many questions? Pros, Cons, Title, Subject, Rating, blah blah? I thought all I had to do was express my opinion.

Fine! Fine! I will do it, don't call me short tempered now! Filled all those extra details before i came to the "Write your review" section. Aah! fees like an achievement. Ok wrote it, and i think one more button and it's done! Before I took on my "Yes, I did it" pose, you say the review should have atleast 300 characters? What? Why? Ok you do not always have to be logical, but have you tried being practical? What's with 300 characters? Have you assumed i am not capable of expressing myself in less than that!? Out of all the times i choose to be a silent satisfied customer, i for once decide to voice it out and see what happens!?

So, here's my sincere suggestion to you dear Websites, make things simpler for people who wish to write reviews! Don't be so demanding, most people might just leave half way through the process and never come back! Lack of real reviews will eventually force brands to create fake ones which i am sure will take down your credibility. Period.

P.S: For all those who wonder if i left it half way too, no i did not. I successfully wrote the review and then took on my Feeling-Accomplished pose.

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