Friday, 26 September 2014

Marketing Tools for Young Marketeers & Startups (part 1)

Young marketeers and small businesses/startups will find these tools highly valuable if put to use! Penning down five interesting tools you can use for your marketing endeavors

1. Haiku Deck - Last minute presentations to be made? No worries. Stop hunting for relevant images. Haiku works great and you can try it for free (ah! the *smiles*) Choose a background, pick your images, put your text, jot down your notes and done. Wait! also export to pdf or share it online! All from one spot. Use this tool online or download it to your system! I swear it only spurs your creativity! Not boring!

2. MailChimp - I know most of you are familiar with this, however sharing my experience will make a point! It's a great tool to send out newsletters to your internal or external crowd. The best part being, you can track every click, the location of your viewers and so much more! You can start off using it for free and upgrade if need be. 

3. SurveyMonkey - While all the MBA grads are going "Oh we all know this" this is as i said for the younger/newer crowd. This is a great tool to conduct surveys or quizzes for that matter. Ask questions for free and track results efficiently. Use it once to only keep using it forever!

4. Tweetdeck - Marketing and no Social Media? Not possible right? Also, twitter works great especially for B2B companies. So, while you are gathering your relevant followers, pick this tool to schedule your tweets and track your activity. Very user friendly!

5. Megavenues - For a small Marketing team, events are not managed elsewhere. Also, finding the right venue is not very easy. This site lists out so many options for different kinds of occasions. Marketers will find it very handy

Will list some more in my upcoming posts. Please do add to the list if you may want to. 

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Crowdsourcing Inspiration @ INK TALKS

  • INK Talks is an excellent platform for budding entrepreneurs and achievers,brilliantly captured through the art of Story Telling 
  • Started by Anu Sethuram & Lakshmi Pratury (a renowned TEDster who brough TED to India in 2009) 
  • INK Talks draws its inspiration from TED India, with its theme of UNTOLD STORIES
  • They have built a community of young unconventional achievers, who become the ambassadors of INK; they are called the INK Fellows
  • Alicia Souza, one of my role models is an INK fellow too!
  • My favorite INK talk is of Snigdha Manchandani - she loves studying TEA?! Hear that? Studying tea! 
  • INK hosts its flagship annual event called the INK Conference each year! It's happening in the end of Oct this year! So many awesome speakers, but too expensive for me. May be you can attend and share the experience? 

So, INK Talks is the new TED in India!? why not?

P.S - No, INK never asked me to write for them. No i don't get paid for this!